21 Day Money Boost

Take inspired action and boost your bank account, even during a time of rapid change.

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Get your payday on, now.

Once we get into energetic alignment with wealth and abundance, we’re primed to take inspired action and boost our bank accounts. 

It can happen easier and faster than we think, here’s how.

In this 21 day mini course you’ll learn how to: 

  1. Cultivate a ready-yes audience

  2. Serve your tribe generously to make an impact so they are asking you for more

  3. Create a partnership to amplify the way you can serve

         (which amplifies your bank account as a result)


Let’s break it down…

If we are craving a higher bank balance, it means that we get to receive. 

If we want to receive, we get to be giving and serving. 

This is how it works. 

When we show up for a community, especially one that is ready to be a yes to themselves via our support, we can serve them powerfully. 

When we are serving our community they ask us for more. Read: no more needing to feel salesy. 

Then, we can create a partnership to serve even more. This is where the paydays happen

We’re breaking down the exact, turn key steps to walk through this process in 21 days.

This course is $497. NOW, $297 pay in full or 2 payments of $149


Kasey Hock

When we first began our photography business, we were growing rapidly, learning and making profitable strides, but over the last few years
our business had leveled out. Our profits weren't changing much, and we weren't where we wanted to be. What Rise provided was bigger goals rooted in a purpose beyond money, combine with the accountability to make those goals a reality. In 2019, my first year in Rise, I more than doubled my previous revenue and couldn't be happier!

Miranda Werkheiser

When I recognized my worthiness to do the work I love, reaching out to potential clients came from a place of service and intention. Being in this space allowed for such a genuine connection. I was able to book my first big client within the same week I acknowledged my worthiness.


Hi, We’re Lisa and Kaela!

We’re the mother-daughter cofounders of Rise Leadership Circle. We support our clients who are soulful entrepreneurs to own their worth, live an epic life, and fund it with the six figure+ businesses that they build, sans hustle.

We love supporting our clients with deep dive, wrap around support like in our Core program which helps go from start to consistent monthly income in half a year, and our Elevate Mastermind for six figure bosses.

And, we have a passion to give a boost to the soul driven entrepreneurs who have an idea, and aren’t sure where to start.  Join us for this masterclass to get the key details to launch your dream business now.